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Better comfort, better support, better sleep

We take better sleep seriously.

Our experienced design team has developed the Flipper Sleep mattress to give you the choice between firmly supportive on one side and plush comfort on the other.  It’s two beds in one, making this mattress simply the easiest choice for buying a mattress online.

Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the Flipper Sleep is designed to help you sleep cool. We use the latest technology in fabric and foams. Our cooling fabric cover measures how hot you are and disperses that heat! Inside you will find a multiple layers of foam including Memory foam, but not to much. Using some in the right places helps keep you cool and comfortable. Too much causes you to sink to far into the bed. The core is made up of High Density and Hygrade foam for comfort and support. On the firm side you will find Graphite Latex for a cooler night sleep.

Find your Perfect – Just Flip it!

Find your Perfect – Just Flip it!