Labor & Delivery Stryker Birthing Bed - Head (Model 304-H)

Our Labor and Delivery Mattresses have a replaceable, Nymed™ health care grade nylon top cover with a pocketed, heavy-duty zipper and protective fluid flap. Multi density core including memory foam that molds to the bodies exact shape and position.

All our mattresses include a 12-month standard Warranty.

Call Toll Free: +1 800 448 6163 for custom sizes.

Secondary Fluid Barrier:

Assembled between foam and cover

Unique two-way protection

  • Protects foam if outer cover is compromised
  • Protects cover by preventing foam’s plasticizers from embrittling the fabric, extending cover life
12 month standard warranty

Extended warranty available



Pressure and distribution imaging report prepared by RDSI for North America Mattress Corp. - Standard 4 Stretcher

Shown left:

Subject 1: Male, 5'10", 190lbs

Imaging was conducted in December 2018 onsite at the North America Mattress Corp. manufacturing facility in Clackamas OR using Tactilus® imaging hardware and software manufactured by Sensor Products Inc. of Madison, New Jersey, USA.
Testing was performed in a controlled environment where the mattress was placed on a rigid laboratory surface and draped with the Tactilus® Sensor Pad. for a SUPINE view, each subject was first asked tolie on their back on the mattress with heads at the side, relax and breath normally. after three minutes images were recorded and pressure was measured for three regions of the body: Scapula (shoulder), Sacral Prominence (lower back and hips) and Calf and Heal.
Secondly, each subject was asked to roll to their left side for a SAGITTAL view with their hands to the side of the head where measurements were takn for Sagittal Scapula (shoulder) Trochanter (hips) and Sagittal Calf and Heal.
Summary test results tables are arranged according to body region for each subject. The minimum, average and maximum readings for barometric pressure are displayed in terms of mmHg (millimeters of mercury). Individual subject images with tabular data are included in this report for each mattress tested.