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April 19, 2021

Choosing a Bedwetting Mattress: A Complete Guide on What to Look For

Nearly 20 percent of children wet the bed before they turn five. That figure wanes over time — only 1 to 3 percent of teenagers cannot maintain bladder control while they snooze. 

But bedwetting isn't just a consideration when searching for a child's mattress. There are adult bedwetters, too. Two percent of adults lose control of their bladders overnight. This is particularly true for those 60 and older.

Whether you're buying a bed for your child, an elderly relative, or the residents in your care home, you have to buy a bedwetting mattress. That way, you can easily clean up after an accident, and the bed remains sanitary and safe, too.

But what should you look for in a urine-proof mattress? Here's exactly what you need on your checklist. 

1. Is the Condition Temporary? 

As we mentioned before, not everyone will wet the bed forever. Many children will gain control of their bladders by the time they reach their pre-teen years. They can then sleep through the night without needing to go to the bathroom. 

So, if you're dealing with a child bedwetter, then you might consider buying a normal mattress and covering it with a waterproof protector. That way, when they start waking up dry in the morning, you can remove the mattress protector—no need to buy a new bed. 

Of course, if you have more than one child, investing in a waterproof mattress could make more sense. You don't have to sacrifice comfort, either—the best urine-proof mattresses are long-lasting and comfortable, too.

2. How Easy Is It to Clean?

In most cases, though, it's easier to just buy a bedwetting mattress. This is especially true if the condition is a long-lasting one—you might as well select a mattress that's completely waterproof and sanitary.

Now, once you've decided to just buy a mattress, you'll want to consider how easy it is to clean. In most cases, the bedwetting mattress you buy will come sealed in a vinyl cover. You can easily wipe it down and sanitize it before replacing bedding. 

Some parents or caregivers will make this process even easier by sliding a bed pad beneath the sheets and above the bedwetting mattress. That way, the pad can clean up most of the urine, and they can get things sanitized even more quickly.

3. How Comfortable Is the Bed?

When you think of a mattress sealed in vinyl, you might imagine that it's not a very comfortable place to rest your head. That couldn't be further from the truth.

If you purchase a bed from North American Mattress Corp., you'll invest in a memory foam mattress, which supports the spine without putting pressure on it. Whoever sleeps in the bed will wake up rested and at ease—and not just because they're confident in the fact that their mattress is waterproof.

4. What's Your Budget?

Next, you'll have to consider your budget before purchasing a urine-proof mattress. The most budget-friendly option—if you already have a mattress—is to purchase a vinyl cover for it. But if you're starting from scratch, then it's more cost-effective to buy a waterproof mattress right away.

You'll be surprised to find that the best urine-proof mattress costs about the same—or even less—than a regular mattress. And you won't skimp on comfort by selecting a bedwetting mattress either. Like we said, our beds come with memory foam on the inside, so they're comfortable and budget-friendly. 

In the end, though, the cost of a bedwetting mattress tends to be worth it for the peace of mind it provides. It's easy for you to clean, but it also gives its user a bit of relief from their condition. They'll know it's easy to clean up if they have an accident, which takes some pressure off of them, too.

5. Are There Any Other Benefits of a Bedwetting Mattress?

Investing in a bedwetting mattress means you're protecting your bed from more than just one thing. The protective vinyl can keep other damaging elements at bay—creatures and substances that could ruin your mattress, too. 

For starters, a vinyl protective cover can keep bed bugs away from your mattress. Let's say you've found the tiny insects in your home. They're often attracted to the mattress because it's where you sleep—when you're resting and still, they can bite. 

But if you have a bedwetting mattress encased in vinyl, it's much harder for the bedbugs to find refuge there. They can't get into the material as they normally would. This means, once you treat your home for bedbugs, you can continue to use your mattress with confidence. 

On top of that, a vinyl-covered mattress keeps allergens out of your bed. It's much easier to remove dust mites, dirt, and other particles when there's a solid covering over the bed. So, if you, your child, or your elderly loved one has allergies, too, a protective mattress will provide them with more than one benefit.

Invest in a Bedwetting Mattress

Once you've done your research and answered these questions, you're sure to find the perfect bedwetting mattress for your family or your care facility. All you have left to do after that is make the purchase. You're investing in comfort, care, and peace of mind—and you can't put a price on that. 

Start your search here. We have a full slate of urine-proof mattresses for children and adults that will help everyone to rest easily at night.