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April 19, 2021

6 Reasons to Replace Your Bed (Right Now)

If you want to function at peak performance every day, proper sleep is essential. However, the unfortunate fact is that our beds deteriorate over time - with no immediate tell that it’s time to replace them.

Mattresses don’t tend to show lots of wear and tear. But after years of use, they gradually become an enemy to your good night’s rest. The change is often so gradual that we don’t notice our mattresses are making our backs ache.

Despite how much time we spend in bed, many put off buying a new mattress long past its recommended time frame.

In light of that, we’re discussing six reasons to replace your bed (right now!), there's lots to cover, so let's dive straight in! 

1. Chronic Aches in the Mornings

Are you waking up with aches every morning? Does it take some time before you feel like your muscles have loosened up?

Needless to say, this isn’t supposed to happen, and you certainly shouldn’t put up with it. Waking up with aches can be an indicator your mattress isn't providing the support and comfort you need.

This may be because springs are poking you where the mattress has worn out. But it can also be a result of a bed that's simply too hard or soft for you. 

2. You’re Getting Better Sleep in Other Beds

Do you feel more rested when you stay at hotels or in a friend’s guest room? This isn’t just a perk that comes from that holiday feeling.

The mattress you’re briefly sleeping on might be a significant improvement to your own. If sleeping elsewhere is more comfortable than in your own room, it’s time to look at a new bed.

Unfortunately, this isn't just a problem that comes with old mattresses. You need to pick the optimum mattress according to your weight and favored sleeping position.

Otherwise, there's a chance that even your new mattress won't be the right one for you. A mattress that's too soft can cause your joints to sink into it, and consequently, dis-align with the rest of your body.

Conversely, if the mattress is too hard, it might not provide you with the proper support. The end result is that your body suffers undue strain on specific parts of your body. 

Find the right mattress for you to avoid these issues in the future and enjoy sound sleep at home.

3. You’re Sinking Into Your Mattress

While every bed has varying degrees of sinkage depending on the material and firmness, it’s generally not good if you’re sinking beyond 4-6 inches.

This will contort your body when you sleep and make it difficult to turn or try new sleeping positions.

Over time, the elasticity in your mattress wears out, and you sink deeper. If you observe that your mattress dips towards where you sleep, it might be time to say goodbye.

This is often the case with memory foam mattresses. Eventually, you may find that your typical sleeping position is indented in the mattress and leaves you no room to move naturally or relax into a better position.

4. Your Mattress Is More Than 6-8 years Old

According to the sleep foundation, you should replace your mattress every 6-9 years. This is when professionals have found mattresses tend to wear down and negatively affect your sleep.

While you might be tempted to continue on just to save money, consider that mattresses are an essential investment for your health and energy. 

5. Your Allergies or Asthma Are Increasing

Mattresses that have been worn beyond their recommended use may contribute to your allergies or asthma worsening. Used mattresses house microscopic bugs.

While invisible, these can eventually start to affect your health and cause sneezing, runny noses, itchiness, teary eyes, coughing, and more. 

Dust mites may also exacerbate your asthma. As many as 10% of people are sensitive to house dust mites. It’s plain to see how replacing your mattress might be the more hygienic choice, even without allergies.

Things Have Changed

Your mattress might still be perfect, and yet if you’re feeling pain or tiredness, it could be time to replace it.

If your life has recently changed something about the way you sleep, your old mattress might not accommodate these changes.

Examples include injuries, pregnancy, or weight gain and loss. Your weight affects how hard or soft your mattress should be.

You might also change whether you sleep on your back, side, or front, depending on what’s going on with you. Depending on your weight, age, and condition, you might benefit from a different mattress or an adjustable one.

Understandably, you might struggle with the decision to take the plunge and part with your hard-earned cash, especially if it isn’t all that old. But bear in mind, replacing your bed might be a significant step towards improving your health and curing chronic aches.

It's Time to Replace Your Bed

If you can relate to any of the above, it's time to replace your bed. Mattresses are often an expensive investment, especially as cheaper mattresses tend to wear out much quicker.

At North America Mattress Corp, you’ll find all the latest news on beds and mattresses. Educate yourself on how to get the best sleep and take care of your health and well-being. 

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our selection of mattresses today, and if you have any questions contact us today!